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10 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Small bathrooms don’t have to be dark and dank. Contrary to popular belief, making a small bathroom appear larger is not as hard as it seems. Here are 10 easy ways to quickly make a small bathroom look bigger.

  1. Mirrors – Add larger mirrors to reflect light and provide the illusion of space.
  2. Lighten Up – Lighting doesn’t have to be harsh, but adequate lighting is a must.
  3. Remove Barriers – Open up the room with clear glass shower doors or shelves.
  4. Monotone Decorating – Use the same light colors on walls, countertops, floors and cabinetry to allow for the eyes to flow through the space.
  5. Negative Space – Consider using a pedestal sink which takes less space than traditional cabinets.
  6. Declutter – Find locations out of sight for toiletry items.
  7. Heads Up – Use the vertical space in the room too, tall cabinets provide storage and add interest to the room.
  8. Store Mats and Towels – Keep towels and floor mats out of sight unless in use. A simple hand towel in a complementary color tone is all most guests need.
  9. Pocket Doors – Where you have room, use pocket doors or popular barn sliding doors to add extra space inside the bathroom.
  10. Glass – Clear glass shower doors is a great way to remove a visual barrier and make the room seem larger.

Want some more bathroom design trend inspiration? 

Or more ways to make your bathroom look bigger? Check out this great article in Elle Decor with the top 25 bathroom design trends for 2019.

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